Make it whole again

As tables get older they may require a little TLC to get them back up to snuff.

Here’s a list of things we fix or offer:

  • Broken pockets
  • Gulley boots
  • Coin-op mechanisms
  • Deteriorated wood structure and sub-slate
  • Barbox noise dampening
  • Dead rails
  • Cloth repair on rails
Make an Appointment

1Do you carry parts for my table?

We do not stock table parts as there are too many variations of tables on the market.  However, we can source parts for your table through our wide connection network and install them for you.

2My table is no longer level. Can you fix that?

We do offer the service.  However, unless it is really bad people generally wait until it is time to re-cloth the table.  Sometimes it requires removing the rails and the cloth to properly fix the problem.

3My kids spilled a drink on the pool table 🙁

Most cloth does not stand up to any kind of drinks. Even water.  You may find something you can try on the Internet.  In the event that the damage cannot be reversed, we can re-cloth the table.