A new tip never felt better!

Did you know…

The tip on your playing cue should be changed every 6-12 months as a rule of thumb.  However, each tip is different.  So here are some things to consider when deciding when and if you should replace your tip.

  • Leather dries out over time. - this leads to a harder tip and does not hold the chalk as well anymore.
  • Scuffing your tip or reshaping naturally makes the tip thinner each time. The thinner it becomes, the harder it will be to shape and you will get less action.
  • Mushrooming happens easier to softer tips and will wear down faster.
  • 4. Break tips should be hard and will not need to be replaced as often.

If your cue or cues are ready to be professionally cleaned and re-tipped, fill out our quote form to get started.

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1How much does it cost to re-tip a cue?

It depends on the material of the shaft and the type of tip you’d like to be installed.  Please fill out our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

2Does cleaning come automatically with the re-tip service?

No.  Cleaning a wood cue requires a process that is not included in the re-tip cost.  You may elect to pay a few more dollars to have your cue revitalized.

3How long can I expect to be without my cue?

You cue will be placed in the queue in the order in which we receive the orders.  Typical turnaround time is a few days to a week.  If you’re getting it ready for a tournament, we suggest getting it done well in advance so you can get used to the new action of the tip.