Bring your table back to life

Proving quality re-cloth service

Although we work on all tables, we are Barbox (Valley / coin-op) specialists


Our team at On Q Billiards has many years of experience and re-clothed hundreds of tables.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship and the evidence is in the end result.  Customer satisfaction

If you’ve ever seen a table where the cloth has ripples in the rails or is loose on the table… We were not the last to re-cloth that table.  We take the time needed to ensure the end result will meet your high quality expectations.  No rush jobs here!

All tables are different, so please fill out intake form and we will get back to you with our availability and a quote for the work requested.


We have experience taking care of large venues and re-clothing multiple tables.  We can accommodate most time and quantity requirements.

We do not do rush jobs, we do them as fast as quality requires.

Contact us for multi-table discounts

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1How much does it cost to re-cloth a table?

It depends on many variables and that is the reason you will not find a price list.  It’s like asking someone for a quote to do work in your house… it requires a few questions to be answered. Please fill out our form and we will provide you with a quote.

2Do you sell cloth and table parts?

Yes!  We offer a full range of billiard related products including cloth and table parts.  You will notice that our prices are competitive.

3What geographical area do you cover?

We service the Ottawa area and travel time will be part of the price.