Moving them over, in, or out…

Move table to storage

Is your house getting renovated and need the table out of the house till it’s ready? We will dismantle the table and store it for you.

Re-locate a table

  • Within the same location
  • To a new location

Temporary Barbox move

We can move a Barbox (Coin-op) out of the way or flip it on its side. This can be really handy for parties or renovations.

Make an Appointment

1Do you move Snooker tables?

We do not install or move Snooker tables but we can dismantle it for you.

2What kind of storage facility do you use?

We use Dymon storage facilities to store your table so that it is protected from temperature changes and moisture.

3How long does it take to move a table from one location to another?

This obviously depends on the distance between locations, but we generally can relocate a table within a day.  It also depends on the type of table, as Barbox tables are much less complicated.