Better lighting, better playing experience

We will assess your table surroundings to find the best way to hang your light in the right spot at the right height.  This may require 2 trips; 1 for the assessment and one to install if parts or lighting is not determined yet.

We will protect your table while we install the lighting fixture and leave the area in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

Note: We do not provide new electrical outlets but can arrange for an electrician if needed.

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1Do you sell light fixtures?

We do not stock light fixtures but we can purchase and install the lighting of your choice.

2Is LED better than incandescent or fluorescent?

LED lighting has evolved and is the better choice for lighting your table.  However, you may like to have a traditional 3 shade or tiffany light for your pool room.  You can still use the right LED bulbs in these fixtures.

3Do I need to have an outlet over the pool table?

That is the best case scenario.  We can arrange for an electrician to install an outlet if you do not have one.  Alternatively, we can run the wire through decorative conduit (which sits on the ceiling/wall surface) to the outlet on the wall.