New!  We re-cloth rails offsite

Option 1 – Bring us your rails
  • Remove the rails and bring them to us. We can guide you on removing your rails.
  • We remove the old cloth and prepare it for the new cloth, then re-cloth the rails and let you know when they are ready for pickup or delivery.
Option 2 – We’ll come to you
  • We remove the rails from your table, take them to our workshop, then return them and reinstall them when they are ready.
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1How do I remove the rails?

This depends on the table type.  With just a few tools you’ll be able to remove your rails and we can guide you after you contact us.

2What are the options for getting the rails to you?

We are located in Barrhaven just 8-10 minutes from the Queensway.

We can also pick the rails up and deliver them for a flat rate of $40 within Ottawa and $50 for outlying areas. This is an extra cost.

3How long does it take to re-cloth a set of rails?

Depending on our schedule, rails are usually completed within 2-3 days.