Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We offer this service to those who just want the rails re-clothed.

This depends on the type of pool table and the layout of the stairs.  Coin-Op (barbox, Valley) tables are less forgiving and require a straight shot of stairs.

Typically it takes 4-5 hours to re-cloth the rails and the bad of the table. This includes taking the rails off the table, cleaning the bed, preparing for the install, and then re-assembling the table and cleaning up.

The safest solution is allowing us to remove the rails and do them offsite.  You can also remove the rails and have them ready for us to pick up, or you can drop them off. When the rails are completed we will return and require the pool room to ourselves until the job is completed. We wear a mask the entire time we are in your home and wipe down the table when we leave.

We may do tables outside the Ottawa region.  Please fill out our intake form and we will get back to you.

If you find that the balls do not bounce off a rail well in some spots, press into the rail with your thumb horizontally towards the outside of the table. If the rail feels hard, then the rubber may have seized. It is best to replace the whole set of rubbers at once.

We can replace tips on most house cues (generally one piece).  However, there are some more expensive cues that require the right tools.  We know a guy and can take care of you 🙂