Buying or Selling a Used Table

Here are a few things to consider when buying or selling a pool table.


Before buying a table you should be aware of the process and possible costs involved.

  • Age of the table
  • Quality building materials
  • State and quality of the cloth
    • Any holes or worn spots that can lead to a hole?
    • Any stains?
    • Is it a high quality Simonis cloth?
  • State and quality of the balls
    • Are there any nicks in the balls?
    • Balls range in price from $95 – $420 so it will make a difference in the price.
  • What’s included?
    • Light, rake, brush, cues?
  • Possible moving costs
    • Renting a truck
    • Paying movers

We offer a moving service and any products you may need like: Cues, cloth, balls, and most other items. See more…


Selling a table is the easier of the two 🙂
However there are still things to consider: preparing the table for sale, and listing the table.

  • Thoroughly clean the table
  • Clean the balls
  • Determine the right size of the table (3.5 x 7, 4 x 8, 4.5 x 9 etc.)
  • Who is the manufacturer of the table
  • How thick is the slate
  • What are you including with the table
  • Take photos of the table from multiple angles and with lots of lighting. Make sure any damage is disclosed.
  • List the table on as many sources as possible. kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, billiard groups, etc.

Please consider referring us to your prospective buyers to move and install the table. 🙂

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